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The sinister ghosts of the hospital in the horror film “the remains of Children” (TRAILER)

Based on real historical events. Yes, there is not to be witty.

Canadian horror film “the remains of Children” (The Child Remains) one of the lights very dark and terrible pages in the history of their country.

Synopsis of the work:

Romantic weekend couples turns into a nightmare. Secluded country hotel, where they settled, is a former hospital, which killed the unwanted babies and young mothers. And the worst thing is that the souls of the dead are still here.

Yes, such a hospital did exist in East Chester, Nova Scotia, from 1928 to 1945. The children here become a product, soulless and pretty cheap. Unnecessary starved. Those that could go on sale, deception taken away from their parents. They shuffle on your own: could’ve taken the twins to different families, or, conversely, to make a couple of “twins” of the two non-native each other babies. Young poor mothers became free labor force or went to slaughter. The mortality of this infernal enterprise was huge. And even when the hospital officially closed, for some time continued to work in the same manner only in the guise of the hotel.

Creepy enough for the script of the horror, eh? In 1995, this story has already been presented in the film Butterbox Babies of the same book, but a great glory the tape is not earned. Director and script writer of “Children’s remains,” Michael Melski (“Area Charlie”) was added to the narrative of the supernatural element and voila, the picture rolls on genre festivals and collects one award after another!

By the way, the Internet can be found clumsy translation “the Child remains”. I think mine’s better, right? Anyway, if Michael Melski get to the Russian, then the name will change to “ze Child Remains: Hospital of Death” or something like that.

Starring in “Children’s remains” played by Suzanne clément (“I killed my mother”), Allan Hawco (“the Case of Doyle”), Shelley Thompson (“Labyrinth”) and Geza Kovacs (“the Dead zone”).

While the film continues its journey in film festivals, but in the spring of 2018 it is planned for release in theatres of Canada, and then in October of the same year distribution in the United States. Maybe to us, the horror will come.

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