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The signs of a stroke, which is useful to know all

Признаки инсульта, которые полезно знать всемDoctors have a few hours to save the man. Symptoms of a stroke need to know everything to be able to recognize the disease.

A stroke is a disruption of blood flow to the brain. When the blood is not supplied to the cells (due to a clot or rupture of a vessel), they die. Because of this a person loses the ability to move, to speak, to see, to breathe.

Stroke is the second (after coronary heart disease) the cause of death. One-fifth of patients after a stroke becomes severe disabilities. But many consequences can be prevented if the time to call the doctor.

The first 3-6 hours after stroke is a “therapeutic window” — the time at which medical assistance is most effective.

Sometimes people don’t immediately notice that something is wrong, or thinks that the discomfort will go away. Because of this, precious time is lost. Therefore, it is important to know what a stroke looks like and what it can do.

The main signs of a stroke

1. A sudden and strong headache.

2. The person loses consciousness.

3. Impaired balance, gait is unsteady.

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4. Numbs part of the body on the one hand, for example half of the face.

5. There was a problem with it: it’s hard to pronounce the words.

6. Lost vision in one eye or in both.

How exactly to understand what is a stroke

Ask the person to follow a few simple steps:

Smile. If a person can’t smile or smile goes lopsided (but before such was not), sound an alarm.
To speak. Ask the person to repeat a simple sentence or tell a poem. After a stroke, impaired articulation, speech becomes slurred.
His tongue hanging out. If a person cannot do if the language involuntarily deviates to one side or looks skosobochennoy, it is a stroke.
To evenly raise the two hands. The stroke person will not be able to manage equally well with both hands.
To raise the hands in front of you and close your eyes. If one arm falls involuntarily, this is a sign of a stroke.
To write SMS. Researchers at the hospital of Henry Ford noticed that patients who have no other signs of a stroke, can’t print a coherent message: write a meaningless set of words without noticing it.
If a person has not coped with at least one of the tasks, enough to act immediately.

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What to do if a person has a stroke

For a start, call an ambulance. Be sure to describe why you suspect a stroke: sharp began a headache, the person has lost consciousness or equilibrium. Tell us what could make the patient can’t smile, can’t raise two hands, not utters words.

In stroke as soon as possible need help of professionals.

After calling the ambulance, lay the person on the cushion, the elevation should begin from the shoulder blades. Ensure access of fresh air: open the window or door in the room, loosen tight clothing.

Don’t let water and food because the function of organs can be compromised, person will be difficult to swallow.

If possible, measure the blood pressure. At elevated give the people the drug to lower the pressure, which he usually takes. If such tablets are not, do not give anything.

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