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The sick from the healthy can not be separated

Больных от здоровых уже не отделить

Epistemology coronavirus zeroes essentialism for those who still doubt: there is no sick, no healthy and only social distance.

In films about apocalips in General and about the pandemic in particular it always is a very clear, visual image of the disease. All are divided into healthy and infected, and an exemplary example of such a scenario becomes a zombie apocalypes.

You can’t doubt that you’re a zombie, this is quite obvious experience with specific signs. The plot, when the zombies living among unsuspecting people, fit only for the Comedy series and discussions of philosophers of consciousness. And even in a supposedly realistic film, Soderbergh Contagion we are talking about the good old Platonic reality in which all patients are explicitly separated from the healthy.


The current situation suggests that the major differences between mortal danger and a normal life does not exist, that baffled everyone who wanted at least some clarity, in particular, suffer from this metaphysics.

Here already almost half of humanity lives in conditions of extreme epistemological uncertainty, and the ancient measures of epidemiological control, like temperature, which is almost nothing, only guarantee this status.

If people want to live in a world of essences, not of uncertainty, they will have to call artificial intelligence, which can catalog all of the current chaos in the real time.


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