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The shooting of the Deputy of the Cherkasy: new details

Расстрел депутата в Черкассах: новые подробностиThere is another version of the murder Benesova.

The Deputy of Cherkasy city Council from the faction of DILL Michael Benesova, shot on September 28, there were 18 million UAH of a debt. Journalists suspect that the money could be the reason for the murder of the Deputy.

About it writes “Honestly”.

Benesov, according to the Declaration, took 18 million, but he forgot about the debt.

“Probably take in the business, but it seems to me that I have no such debt. I don’t want to answer because I need to see the Declaration, but I do not know and do not remember”, – said the Deputy.

It is noted that Minusov also indicated 706 sqm of non-residential premises, but did not declare at the same residential property.

“I’m single guy, live one today ladies, tomorrow is another, if you specify all of these addresses, then change to the Declaration would have to be made three times a year”, – said earlier the Deputy.

At the same time he stated that of any non-residential premises does not know.

“You can write this: I don’t know about any 706,2 sq m in question, I don’t understand it all. I have this year already had two criminal cases regarding incorrect filling of the Declaration, so I advise you to contact the police, let them do my Declaration, find out what they need,” said Benesov.

In the Declaration the Deputy left the box blank on the ownership of vehicles.

However, according to “Infomost”, the Deputy was shot once parked his Porsche Cayenne.

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