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The shocking truth about what happens to corpses in the subway

Cleanliness and order is paramount?..

For many years in the underground, people are dying. For various reasons: suicide, accidents, murder. Human remains on the tracks, of course, interfere with the movement of trains, but… the breaks are too long, isn’t it?

And all because the body fairly quickly removed. But how it is possible to do so quickly and what happens to the corpses then, before they get to the morgue? Edition NewYorkPost found out the shocking details of the work of new York – which, I suppose, in many respects similar to the operation of the metro of Moscow or St. Petersburg.

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The bodies removed out of the way very quickly, often before the scene manages to arrive someone from the office of the medical examiner. The bodies sometimes remain underground for several hours before being taken to the morgue. All this time since, as the remains are cleaned out of the way, until the moment when they take medical where they body?

Metro staff say that the bodies are stored in the nearest to the scene of the room – for example, in the break room for the employees… or even in their dining room!

One of the employees told me that she had a chance to see how the police washed the corpse in the shower room for the workers underground.

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They didn’t know that I will, and I didn’t know that they are there. I remember there was a big black bag full of something red.

During the lunch break on the same day a worker I had another look into the bathroom, where I found:

…part of scalp and hair, and pieces of the body in the sink.

It seems that the appetite of this lady gone after such a long time.

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