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The shocking death of a child in Kiev: new details

Шокирующая смерть ребенка в Киеве: новые подробностиJournalists have been in jail, awaiting trial where a woman who left her kids unattended.

The mother of two children Vladislav Trokhimchuk left their children without food for a long time, because he could not walk and return to him. She stated this in an exclusive commentary to journalists who have received permission to visit Lukyanovka jail from the investigator and the most suspect.

In the visiting room a woman came in tears and said that he changed his mind to communicate. “I can’t answer it all. Can’t find yourself excuses. Me so bad,” she said. After a glass of water and requests escort to calm down, told not about the glory dreamed of in my 20 years.

To the capital she arrived at age 17 from the village in nikolayevshchina. Once married the inhabitant of Kiev and bore him in succession two children. Last year, says she left her husband because he allegedly used drugs. With the second lived in a civil marriage, because it is not divorced from the first. Housing they rented, together opened a Barber shop, Vladislav became pregnant from a boyfriend and was waiting for a better life. “It was difficult, neither he nor I in this business do not understand. I very much wanted to give something to them that they learn not like me,” says the woman. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The camera is sitting with her seven housemates. Says she’s not hurt, but in prison I have lost 6 pounds and now prays a lot. “I can not understand that I could do that God took my child, put me here,” she says. The court thus is not afraid, but will insist that the process was closed. “All RAID and all want something, some answer,” says the suspect.

Before the tragedy, she left to her grandmother by her partner to introduce her newborn daughter Sophia. 1-year-old Daniel and 2-year-old Anna first husband was locked in a rented apartment. And while kids suffered without food – she, too, like trouble.

“I clamped the leg. Could not walk, went to the doctor, she said may be a herniated spine. Sent for an MRI, but I didn’t – not yet,” she explains. The version which was sounded earlier by her lawyer, if the children have to feed ex-mother-in-law, Trokhimchuk denies. Says the keys to the apartment was only her and the husband. And about the kids she remembered when the sad and pain in the legs is gone.

“I was a little vain, I came with food, with things new. Anya was lying on the bed sleeping, I woke her up, gave cottage cheese, a banana. She ate, drank some water, I was holding her in my arms,” a woman cries and says that everything was like a dream. “I repent very much,” she adds.

The case is still investigating the actions of would-be mothers changed to premeditated murder. Suspect threatens from 7 till 15 years of prison, and two little girls from different men now temporarily living in a foster family. Your child is scheduled to pick up a roommate Trokhimchuk, but the husband to court and not appealed, so the officials will apply for deprivation of his parental rights along with the prisoner would-be mother.

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