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The shelves of Ukrainian pharmacies will disappear life threatening emergencies medications

С полок украинских аптек исчезнут жизненоважные лекарстваWhile the Ministry of health will launch the program of compensation of the cost of drugs, their supply could be interrupted.

Early next year will come into force the system of compensation by the state in the cost of drugs in several ways. Under the program reimbursement are drugs to treat hypertension, asthma, diabetes first and second type.

As told to us in the Ministry of health, these diseases affect the mortality of the population and is effectively treated on the outpatient basis.

Free, but not all

The main purpose of the reimbursement of the cost of drugs is to encourage the patient to contact the doctor to obtain affordable treatment. So, after the examination, the patient receives from the local doctor a prescription for the drug, which is included in a special list. This recipe is a patient acquires in a pharmacy at a discounted price (or receive free) the right medicine.

“For consumers, the price will be much lower than it is now. Depending on the applied scheme — full payment (the patient receives the drug free of charge) or partial compensation (50% of the cost). The state assumes part of the cost of treatment of patients on the above programs,” said CEO of SMD Iryna Gorlova.

The cost of the sold product or the price difference the local government compensates pharmacists for the expense of budgetary funds. For the next year allocated UAH 500 million.

But some experts note that this amount may not be sufficient for all patients. According to the President of the Ukrainian Council of protecting the rights and safety of patients Viktor Serdyuk, every year, Ukrainians spend on medicines about 50-60 bln.

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“UAH 500 million would be enough for one area, but not on all of Ukraine. And so, it turns out that each patient will be allocated about 1000 thousand UAH. In fact, this means that the medication can go down in value very slightly. In addition, while the system of reimbursement will impose, for a couple of months from the pharmacy can divide the drugs included in the program,” — said in an interview with Viktor Serdyuk.

But according to Irina Throat, despite the fact that the launch of the project will take time, first-year funding is sufficient.

“Diabetes mellitus insulin-dependent type coating state is 100%. Will only change the scheme of delivery of insulin. The other three directions, there is no list of drugs that fall in the first wave of compensation. Most likely it will be vitally important medicines”, — said in a conversation with Irina Gorlova.

Watch prices at the neighbors

Thus, according to the experience of the pilot project on hypertension, held from may 2012 to December 2013, the problem may also occur in the development of patterns of interaction, workflow, financing throughout the chain — from the patient and the doctor to the pharmacy.

“The recipe became a financial instrument, there are more stringent requirements for filling it in. The patient should be informed that there are new possibilities reduce the cost of their treatment, come to the doctor and get a prescription. Gradually established a list of pharmacies included in the project, where the patient can obtain the prescribed product,” — noted Irina Gorlova.

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What are the active ingredients enter the program reimbursement can be viewed on the website of the Ministry of health. According to the Agency, to date, more than 90% of patients buy their own medicines, often those that are not appropriate for their diagnosis.

Taking into account the highly fallen purchasing power of the population, the Department decided from January 1, 2017 to introduce reference pricing for drugs that, on assurance of officials, will help to avoid unjustified increase of prices for medicines.

The maximum reference price of the manufacturer drugs will be set at 21 the active substance. Start officials will be of the value of such drugs in 5 neighbouring countries of Slovakia, Hungary, Latvia, Poland and the Czech Republic.

In addition, VAT on medicines and medical devices will decrease to 2-5%, and wholesale and retail margins limited. The Ministry will set the maximum regression of retail markup on the sale of medicines at 15%, which will decrease with the increasing prices of medicines and to be accrued on the reference price.

“As a result, the higher the price of the drug, the less will be the margin on this drug. Maximum wholesale markup on the sale of drugs is 5%, calculated on the reference price inclusive of all taxes and fees. When it formed a marginal cost for the medication, with the start of the procurement through the electronic system РroZorro, the marginal price of drugs will be gradually reduced”, — told in the Ministry of health.

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