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The SFS said, how much was derived from taxes ORDO

В ГФС сказали, сколько было получено налогов с ОРДЛОIn January 2017 was paid 161 million.

In 2016 on the territory ORDO was 13.3 thousand taxpayers who, for all of 2016 paid tax payments in the Consolidated budget of Ukraine in the amount of 2.8 billion UAH.

About this EP was reported in the GFS.

So, in January 2017 was paid 161 million UAH. The number of taxpayers decreased to 7566. At the same time customs duties were paid in the amount of UAH 139.7 million.

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Also according to GFS, for the entire 2017 9820 people have paid UAH 1.3 bn ERUs. At the same time, in January 2017 6918 people have paid UAH 89.7 million ERUs.

Earlier it was reported that the Cabinet has prepared a preliminary assessment of losses from the blockade in the two scenarios.

The optimistic scenario assumes that the pace of economic development in 2017 will slow to 1.2%, nominal GDP will be reduced by UAH 25.8 billion, and inflation will accelerate to 1.8 p. p. it is Expected that by the end of 2017, the national currency may weaken to 3 UAH against the dollar.

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According to the pessimistic scenario, GDP will fall by 2.5%. The impact on nominal GDP will be minus 39 billion. Inflation will add 8.5 PP In this case, the hryvnia by the end of 2017 will lose of 5.6 UAH per dollar.

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