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The seven rules of nutrition for problem skin

Семь правил питания при проблемной кожеExperts suggested how to eat, if there are any problems with the skin.

All year round the owners of oily skin suffer from the fact that their faces look completely wrong, as I would like. On the skin appear redness, rashes, acne, hair and other unattractive flaws. Beauty tools and special treatments provide only a temporary effect, which after a few days disappears and the skin again becomes normal.

Scientists have long concluded that our face represents our inner fullness and how we eat is also evident in the skin on the face. It turns out that certain foods can improve skin quality, while others cause harm to a person’s appearance.

Nutritionists have called the basic rules of nutrition for problem skin:

1. Eliminate from the diet all harmful, fatty, fried, high-calorie, toxic, etc. It is that products which have undergone heat treatment in an unlimited amount of oil, as well as those containing many different additives, preservatives, sugar and other nasty things that aggravate the condition of skin and health in General.

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2. To include in your daily diet foods which are natural vitamins. For oily skin it is important that people leaned on vitamins a, C and E. Doctors recommend still to buy fruit, berries, vegetables, where the concentration of the above vitamins is much more, than in pharmacy vitamin complexes.

3. Drink plenty of water. A person with any type of skin you should drink at least 30 ml of water per 1 kg of body weight in a single day. Mineral water hydrates the skin making it more supple and protects against premature aging, promoting collagen production, nourishes the cells with oxygen, removes toxins from the body, which positively affect the skin condition.

4. It is not necessary to spend money for the treatment of oily skin. Cosmetologists have revealed the secret that troubled skin can be transmitted “inherited” that no drugs are not eliminated. This does not mean that the skin does not need to track. Rather all will be balanced diet and if you stick with it for 3-4 weeks, you will witness the productivity of proper nutrition.

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5. To fork out for creams, scrubs and other ointments doctors do not recommend. Cosmetics for oily skin should choose together with the doctor, otherwise the effect may not be. Much safer to take care of your skin from the inside out, starting by eating the right healthy foods.

6. Take care of the intestines. Metabolism is the most important process, the quality and speed of which depends not only health, but also its appearance. People suffering from constipation and flatulence, having the nature of problem skin, doomed to a lifelong confrontation with myself. You need to drink more lactic acid drinks that are better than other products take care of the gut microflora.

7. Necessarily in the diet should contain omega-3 fatty acids. These substances contain essential fatty acids that can improve complexion, make the skin more smooth, to smooth first wrinkles and so on.

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