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The series “Shadows” is officially OVER

I have not followed this show, but judging by what they say about him on the Network, the series “Mist” (The Mist), a novel by Stephen king “the Mist” was no less a disappointment for fans of the writer than the movie “the Dark tower”. And now the inevitable consequences: the company of Spike , officially completing a project after just one season.

Showing the “Haze” was launched at the end of June, and the first episode was watched by 1.2 million viewers. However, in the future the ratings of the show were extremely low even taking into account the audience that watched the show in the recording. “Haze” was not included even in the top 30 cable TV series among audiences aged 18 to 49 years.

Well, this year Stephen king was (and is!) much like in the movies and on television, but not everything connected with the name of the King of Horror, enjoyed the same success. In the format of the TV fans clearly prefer king’s “the Mist” the other series “Mr. Mercedes”.

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