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The sequel “evil dead 2” more real

The team of Uruguay on football defeated the team of Russia in the world Cup and left the group in the first place. Recall that the Director Federico Alvarez made a bet, saying that if Uruguay will be the champion, he will shoot the sequel of his film “evil dead: Black book”.

Objectively, the chances of Uruguay for the championship is still very small – this team are not considered favourites for the world Cup. However, the bet, of course, is facetious in nature. However, “evil dead 2” may still become a reality, what Alvarez told EW:

Look, I love those movies. Work on my “Evil dead” was such a great experience, it was my first movie. So come back to it at some point- quite likely. I mean that I know very well all these guys – Bruce [Campbell], Sam [Raimi] and Rob [Tapert]. So we are constantly talking about this. The good news is – and I think that sometimes people do not realize it – none of us, none of these guys will not do something just because it can be done and it’s good business. They will only do it if they are confident that they have a good story. A lot of people say in our industry, but most often it’s actually not. These same guys with whom we all work, we are going to create something, if we believe that we have a story worth telling. And it’s amazing, it’s great, and we all believe that it’s the best thing, better than anything has done before in this world.

Simply put, Alvarez is NOT exactly opposed to a sequel. No one is against. But all you want to do this not for show and not for the money (okay, not just for the money) – they want to make a good movie.

When we find such a story, when we all agree that it is well – then probably we will remove it.In the topic:

Inspiring fan-trailer for the new “evil dead 2”

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