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The self-hypnosis of the government is impressive

Самогипноз правительства впечатляет

Watching beautiful hill:

1. Ukraine gradually ceases to be a significant part of a large global political agenda. That and the passionate desire Zelensky to get an audience with trump in the oval Office, the database will not come true. The situation is even compounded by the fact that “the leader of the new generation of” Ukrainians fell into the millstone of the political struggle in the American establishment, and the man can remain only horns Yes feet. For the Kremlin, it is an occasion to increase pressure on the neighbor to push his decision in the Donbass.

2. “United Russia”: can not be demolished, but reform is impossible. As I said, irresponsible game of political symbols (in the Soviet, primarily) lead to the collapse of load-bearing structures of the political system. The EP ends in the CPSU of the sample of 1990.

So what? Magic symbols, you know, serious business. You can continue to laugh and deny the facts.

3. Self hypnosis as a way of public administration and, simultaneously, the disposal of the ruling elites from neuroses: fear of losing everything prihvatizirovat overwork.

Well, that is our historical tradition: today, you’re a Prince, people command and on a gold toilet sitting, and tomorrow in the country sit and wait for the arrival of the “funnel”.

And self-hypnosis of the government, of course, impressive statistics was fixed, and now the economy is growing, and the people prospered. The USSR was not!

4. Write that Family (in the person of Yumasheva) tries to push the “Primakova”, entrenched in Putin’s inner circle. Along with Golden share at the careless Gref took away under the pretext of “saving” Yandex. In the new structure of the company all the familiar faces and structure since the ‘ 90s: Voloshin, the guys at “Goldman Sachs” and other effective guys.

For us ordinary citizens, it’s a good situation: let the foam rises and becomes visible to all, including students far Northern settlements. There will be a political crisis that will allow the counter-elite (who are these contraditory, debatable) to declare their ambitions. Will start some changes in policy. The future depends on society.

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