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The self-disable of Apple iPhone 6s

If the Samsung Note and 7 Apple iPhone 7 occasionally explode or ignite, last year’s Apple iPhone 6s was sometimes self off. It’s not such a big problem, but it is recognized as marriage, and today were made public the reasons for such behaviour of the phone with the simultaneous launch of a campaign to eliminate them.

As you might guess, the problem with turning off the Apple iPhone 6s to do with his battery, and will replace it for free under the program iPhone 6s Program for Unexpected Shutdown Issues, although not all. The conditions given on the website of the company, and to make sure that your phone falls under program, enter the serial number to check. As it turned out, some of Apple’s iPhone 6s installed the battery, one component of which is, quote, “exposed to air longer than necessary.” These words are taken from an open letter to the Apple user.

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As a result, such batteries faster break out and fail, plus some devices are intermittent. In a letter to Apple stresses that these battery are not dangerous and do not explode, implying thereby on the nexus 7, which was not patrolled is that lazy journalists. Anyway, the trend is clear — expensive phones less can boast a decent quality of used components.

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