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The selection of the most unusual dresses. Photo

Подборка самых необычных платьев. ФотоThey were created by people with a strange fantasy.

The dresses were and perhaps will be in fashion at all times. Sometimes that’s just the fashion for dresses takes a very strange shape. Designers are experimenting not only with styles but also with the materials used to make dresses. The survey collected the most incredible dresses of recent years.

1. Dress of pubic hair

Подборка самых необычных платьев. Фото

British fashion designer Sarah Louise Brian wanted to do something outrageous type of the famous meat dress Lady Gaga. In the end, she put an ad in social networks, so she sent their pubic hair completely unfamiliar to her people. Six months were spent in liters sterilizing liquid adhesive and hundreds of pencils and…. came to light “it”.

2. Wedding dress made of flowers

Подборка самых необычных платьев. Фото

Unlike the previous, this dress is really very beautiful. And it is actually made from fresh flowers. To give the dress a more rigid structure, its lower part is made of a spirea.

3. Wedding dress made from divorce papers

Подборка самых необычных платьев. Фото

Originally it was supposed to be an ironic joke, but it made a real boom in the fashion world. English demi Barnes decided to make a wedding dress for high school theater entirely out of divorce papers. Demi later said that it took her two days and 1500 pages to make the dress.

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4. A celebrity in a dress from recycled bottles

Подборка самых необычных платьев. Фото

Emma Watson appeared on exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of art dressed in a black and white dress from Calvin Klein. This outfit was an unusual secret: he was made entirely of plastic bottles.

5. Beer dress

Подборка самых необычных платьев. Фото

Hard to believe, but this fluffy little dress was made using the same fermentation process used to make beer. The fabric, which is officially called Nanollose Microbial Cellulose, was invented by scientist Gary Cass and visual artist Donna Franklin. Its texture is very similar to cotton.

6. Dress of feathers for pens

Подборка самых необычных платьев. Фото

Steven tai and John Nissi has created this shimmering dress, which is a true combination of art and technology. It is made of 795 pen nibs.

7. Dress led

Подборка самых необычных платьев. Фото

The creators of the Galaxy dress, Francesca Rosella and Ryan Ganz argue that it is the largest display in the world that can be worn. Their dress made from 24,000 LEDs with a thick sheet of paper, 4,000 Swarovski crystals, and four layers of silk chiffon. It glows from the IPod battery, built-in crinoline skirt, a charge which grabs for 30 minutes.

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8. Dress out of math homework

Подборка самых необычных платьев. Фото

Like many other dresses on this list, the following outfit has a specific purpose. Erie Paisley from Canada said that she had created a dress for prom to emphasize the fact that many women can’t achieve their dreams. She put the dress up for auction and donated the money to the Malala Fund, created by the Pakistani teenager to help girls around the world who can’t get an education.

9. Dresses of nails

Подборка самых необычных платьев. Фото

These dresses do not have any secret meaning, they’re just unusual and funny. Student designer from London Anna Goswami created them from hundreds of plastic nails.

10. Dress made from credit cards

Подборка самых необычных платьев. Фото

In 1995, costume designer Lizzy Gardiner won an Oscar for his work on the film “the adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the desert”. One of her creations for the film was a dress made of 254 American Express Gold cards. Lizzie sold the dress at auction for $ 12650 and donated the money to AIDS research.

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