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The security forces need a pole

Силовикам нужны палки

Wait rejoice. Putin does not negate 282. It just creates a smokescreen.

What it is today introduced in the state Duma under the guise of mitigation of punishment for “extremism”? Amendments to article 282 (rubber “inciting hatred”) assume the following: if you once liked a funny picture fine or 15 days. In this sense became a little better. But if the second time during the year, the old mechanism with a criminal term. Before a felony was for the first like.

This thaw? No. Imagine the situation: comrade major found your album “Vkontakte” and made two screenshots. At first he opened an administrative case, you spent 15 days in jail, came out, and then — hop! — there is a second screenshot (to correct the date, if that is not working). Criminal case.

Elementary, My Dear Watson!

Also: why the case for 282 now so popular? Because they are easy to make new stars on their shoulder straps. Nothing to do, only memasuki on the Internet to read. I think, comrade major will refuse from this opportunity? For him, the Penal code was, for example, article 280 — “Public appeals to extremist activity”. The same likes and reposts.

But if 280 is not enough — there is, for example, 354.1, and there is: “Distribution of expressing clear disrespect for society information about days of military glory and anniversaries Russia related to the defense of the Fatherland, and the desecration of symbols of Russia’s military glory, committed publicly”. Another type of thoughtcrimes. And, of course, our favorite insult of feelings of believers.

This legislative garbage in the UK — is full. Just need to wait a year or two to see where will be the flow of criminal case.

Because the main principle remains the same: the security forces need a pole.

And to correct this situation can only two things. First, the easiest — to cancel all the articles about thoughtcrimes. Should not be punished for words.

The second thing is much harder for the constitutional reform with the withdrawal of the judiciary from the control of the President. That judges are not appointed, they were independent and did not become complicit in the repression.

Otherwise, all the current amendments will remain Marafet induced the deceased before the funeral.

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