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The secrets of a good night’s sleep: what not to do before sleep

Секреты хорошего сна: что не стоит делать перед сномShould follow these simple rules.

The shortage of sleep not only prevents the brain from working normally, but hurting your body in General.

Too often, however, good health depends not only on the quantity of sleep as from its quality. To sleep and to rest during the night should follow these simple rules.

Without alcohol
In addition, after drinking alcohol sleep will be disturbing and surface, the body also will not be able to properly relax because of full bladder and dehydration.

Less gadgets
Doctors do not advise to abuse the gadgets, if you want to sleep well. The bright light of the monitor irritates the eyes and causes the brain to focus on the work. Besides, extra information before going to sleep again will not properly relax.

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Not to take a bath
Nonsense, but the hot tub on the contrary promotes better sleep. Here, however, one important point is to take a hot shower or bath should be at least an hour before bedtime. Immediately before laying should not do it, because you simply wouldn’t be able to sleep.

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Read before sleep is possible and even necessary. However, let reading be fun and easy. Complex and intense literary opus leave to another time unpleasant thoughts won’t go to sleep or manifest as nightmares.

Less food
Overeating before going to sleep not only harms your body, but sleep. Nutritionists and experts on healthy sleep agree on one thing: you should eat 2-3 hours before sleep and dinner should be light.

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