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The secret of coexistence: the people and Putin know each other don’t want

Тайна сосуществования: народ и Путин знать друг о друге не хотят

For a leader’s most important wars and anniversaries, but for the ordinary human coronavirus and rising prices.

From time to time our intellectuals with special hunting shall talk about low civil qualities of the masses. And now this moment.

Why do people not raise her voice against the anti-constitutional coup, the abolition of democracy and the perpetuation of Putin’s power? Why not pay attention to the picket and petition? As he is not ashamed to be silent?

Not trying to acquit someone, I will say that the reasons for people’s indifference is understandable. To abolish democracy is impossible, because it is. Amendments to the Basic law, even the most curious, interesting, no ordinary citizen, which the old Constitution didn’t read, but I’m sure it was not observed. As to the tenure of Putin, so do it before anyone had a doubt.

People the corner of my eye I see a violent and comical vanity of the leading lights in a circle, but do not notice any change, nor even a “revolution.” All of them have occurred in the past.

Is it possible the surge of discontent among the citizens? Completely. But only if you will be affected their present interests and expectations. If the epidemic becomes widespread, and the authorities foolishly show themselves. If you jump in prices. If bosses start to cheat with all kinds of indexation that had promise.

Today the reasons for this surge is not. Here is the latest newsletter of the Foundation “Public opinion”.

At the request of their own to name a few which attracted the attention of the events of the week exactly half of the respondents in General were undecided. They do not see important events.

The epidemic is remembered 33% of respondents. Although this proportion in recent times from week to week is growing, and answering a separate question, 48% reported that they are afraid to get sick, but really fear to the masses not yet penetrated. Affects, apparently, the almost complete absence of patients and infected — at least in official records.

However even now not a single problem is not in people’s mind a place comparable to the coronavirus.

The second largest position respondents took Elisha crisis and the negotiations Putin and Erdogan. Think about it, 6% of citizens. And with a clear sigh of relief at the fact that raised by the propagandists, the hysteria was another infoswmm and the war did not take place.

Interested in the details there no fighting. It is not excluded that in the eyes of the people living behind the wall, the map of Idlib, with red and blue arrows pointing to the M4 motorway and M5, hanging in every office, vending kiosk and even yaranga. But in real life, ordinary Russians simply do not want another incomprehensible war in a distant land.

As for the other stories a Treasury of hype — amendments of Putin’s interviews and other things like that, they have “attracted the attention” of only a few percent of ordinary citizens. Which, however, hardly noticed any drop in oil prices (on the day of the survey it still only gaining momentum), no acceleration of price growth. But experience shows that once inflation goes up seriously, people quickly notice, and their reviews are starting far ahead of statistical reports.

So, in the public coordinates of the common man something fatal is not yet happening. Have fears, but had not yet been fulfilled. Well, boss, as always, is noise about something else.

Now compare people’s agenda with the agenda of the leader, which “is working at full steam” despite the coronavirus.

This Friday Putin″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>collected by the security Council. What do you think, at the focus of the main people of the country? That’s right — they “discussed the implementation of agreements on Idlib concluded during the recent working visit of President of Turkey”. And really, what could be more important for Russia?

Really who always remembers about Idlib, so is Putin. The day before he even″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>called Erdogan to talk about it. The head of Russia who rarely treats himself, he usually got a call the other. But the exceptional importance of the subject, apparently, was forced to postpone the Convention.

However, at the meeting of the security Council also “addressed the threat of the spread of coronavirus”. It passed the last point of discussion was reflected in one vague sentence.

And from” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>news” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>the last days. The Kremlin press service opens accreditation for coverage of the may anniversary events. No sign that the epidemic will cause something to collapse. Example friendly and politically related Kazakhstan, whose government canceled the may 9 parade, ignored. The ideological stakes are too high and the epidemic is clearly pales in their shadow.

In the 11th, 12th and 13th series of Putin’s interview shown in recent days, the head of Russia reflects on the immediate — on the prospects of arriving on the anniversary of the “former allies”, although this perspective is understandably becoming more and more ephemeral; says a bad word his old foe Khodorkovsky and retiree Saakashvili (which “runs through the squares, is on the roof as a cat in March”); talks about the perpetrators and the origins of the Second world war, offering to dig deep and “see the chronology of events since the 1918-1919”; clarifies that businessmen are crooks, but there is still hope to re-educate them.

Presumably, that is with the educational goals Putin called on Thursday in Novo-Ogaryovo “the leading Russian investors”, so, as usual, to remind you that their “get rid of excessive pressure the administrative and judicial structures.” But the people, apparently, really difficult. Tens of years he tired of that, and with them like water off a duck. Shy away from investment. Just the same, escape.

But consolation to the leader of steel interviews with officials — the chief of the Ministry of education, head of the Novgorod region, etc. From them he and these days only hear familiar and the familiar: “To date, we monitor your the may decrees of 2012, and 2018… Failures will not be any…” “Vladimir Vladimirovich, I would like to start with an interesting, good news. Novgorod school student took first place in all-Russian Olympiad on artificial intelligence. All this happened because you supported me three years ago…”

As you can see, the range of thought and the sphere of interests of the heads of Russia simply does not intersect with the interests and thoughts of ordinary Russians. One lives in the past, the other in the present. One is not afraid of the epidemic, the other scared. One fights for the respect a foreign enemy, the other wants less to hear about them. One learns about life from court sycophants, the second — personal impressions.

And there may be considerable management wisdom is that the two areas are trying to bring together. After all, if they intersect, then that could be bad.

That laugh at the clumsiness of making amendments in the eternal reign. Cost Tereshkova to offer, Putin immediately agreed.

And imagine that spun a sort of ritual — with invocations, failures, new pleas, new failures.

In China in such cases, with playful respect: “Refuse three times, as Zhuge Liang”. Indeed, this authoritative figure of the three kingdoms era, before you quit philosophy and take command of the troops, forced to beg several times, and as it legitimized its new status.

But it is not us-China. The delay performance with persuasion would translate the extension of the power of Vladimir Putin in the discussion of the plane and involuntarily began to draw into this discussion the broad masses, forcing them to think about the legitimacy of what is happening.

Just want to avoid. Tops and bottoms is too far dispersed and have less to delve into the thoughts of each other. Today, it is at this and keeps their coexistence. And what will happen tomorrow — don’t ask.

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