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The secret development of world famous companies. Photo

Секретные разработки всемирно известных компаний. ФотоSecret labs and their development.

For anybody not a secret that today in the world there is not one secret lab. Some laboratories are developing projects to improve the world, in the other – will improve the new high-tech products before entering the market. In this review we unveil the veil of secrecy over what happens behind the closed doors of the secret laboratories of world-renowned companies.

1. Google X

Секретные разработки всемирно известных компаний. Фото

Created in 2010 by the research centre for Google, called Google X, is in a nondescript brick building near the main office of the company. It is designed for the development of the so-called “Moonshot”technologies (the most incredible projects that require a huge cost). Self-driving cars and Google glass are two of the most well-known example of the development of this laboratory.

Today Google X is developing about 100 projects, such as, for example, web-connected light bulbs and robotic workers to perform routine tasks at home and in the office. Google X is also experimenting with the proliferation of the Internet (speeds up to 10 megabits per second) to remote areas of the world through a network of balloons.

2. Apple Lab

Секретные разработки всемирно известных компаний. Фото

In a secret Apple lab in Berlin circa 20 staff with experience in technology, software, equipment and sales work on a version of an unmanned vehicle for your company. It helps them with the automaker Magna, which also manufactures parts for BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Moreover, the team from time to time help of the automotive experts from Tesla, Ford and Mercedes-Benz.

3. Amazon Lab

Секретные разработки всемирно известных компаний. Фото

Secret lab Amazon in Cambridge, England, improving the technology delivery of orders in the house for 30 minutes after purchase with the help of drones. For the production of drones, to speed up the process, use the 3D printing technology. Such UAVs are able Amazon Prime Air Service up to a height of 122 meters, where with the help of GPS find the delivery location and fly to it, delivering the cargo weighing up to 2 kg to a distance of 24 km. With this special system allows them to avoid collision with obstacles.

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4. Samsung Lab

Секретные разработки всемирно известных компаний. Фото

To demonstrate an innovative program his lab Creative Lab, Samsung has announced three inventions at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016: the smart zone of the motion controller and a smart watchband. The belt, called the WELT, keeps track of the waist size of the wearer, and also controls the eating habits of its owner, how many steps he walks and how much time he spends sitting. The motion controller Rink is put on the hand and allows its owner to experience “more intuitive and subtle way to interact with virtual reality.” Watch call an IP phone allows the carrier to better hear phone calls in noisy environments. You just need to touch your finger to your ear.

5. Telstra Lab

Секретные разработки всемирно известных компаний. Фото

Located in New South Wales, the Australian telecommunications company Telstra in their secret lab built a fully shielded room designed to block all noises for an ideal testing environment. Laboratory tests of mobile devices and software updates allow the company to prevent costly mistakes. The purpose of the test is the quality control.

6. eBay Lab

Секретные разработки всемирно известных компаний. Фото

The secret eBay lab in California San Jose is helping to revolutionize traditional shops by providing them with opportunities for online trading. The laboratory, known as the “bat Cave” and its 17 employees have already helped, for example, the fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff to open in new York and San Francisco boutiques with such technological developments as “smart” dressing rooms. The main attraction of the boutiques will be a 5.2-foot “iWall” worth $ 300 000, which will respond to touch, like a giant smartphone.

7. IKEA Lab

Секретные разработки всемирно известных компаний. Фото

District butchers in Copenhagen may seem a strange place for a laboratory, but it is here IKEA built “Space 10” – center for research and exhibitions. Space 10 brings together artists, designers and technicians to develop different prototypes that will be demonstrated at exhibitions and seminars.

8. Laboratory stool

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Секретные разработки всемирно известных компаний. Фото

The Russian government once oversaw the secret laboratory stool test. During the regime of Joseph Stalin, the KGB collected the feces of Mao TSE-Tung and other famous personalities, analyzing the feces to “construct psychological portraits” of people. Igor Atamanenko, a former Soviet agent, revealed the project, researching the archives of the Russian secret service. Researchers Cala believed that could be a glimpse of the psyche of those who were interested intelligence officers. For example, high levels of tryptophan meant that people relaxed and available for recruitment. On the other hand, the lack of potassium was seen as a sign of nerves and insomnia. Nikita Khrushchev froze the project and shut down the secret lab.

9. Laboratory Thomas Jefferson

Секретные разработки всемирно известных компаний. Фото

As noted by Matt Seidt, head of the project of reconstruction of the University of Virginia, he always wanted to know why in the rotunda of the University made so thick walls. When he crawled through a hole in one of the walls, they found a chemical laboratory, made by Thomas Jefferson. The laboratory was built in the 1820-ies, by the end of construction of the rotunda and was buried in 1840 in connection with the adoption of improved teaching methods. As a result, forgot about it until October 2015.

10. Laboratory Hedy Lamarr

Секретные разработки всемирно известных компаний. Фото

Hedy Lamarr was not only beautiful and successful star of Hollywood’s Golden age, she was also a scholar-fan, which created the “secret laboratory” in his bedroom. When Hedi was living in Germany, she was married to an arms dealer, from whom she learned a lot about technology. After she moved to the United States in connection with the outbreak of the Second world war, she wanted to contribute to help in the war. Knowing that a torpedo signals are often muffled, she and composer George Antejjl invented the technology of “jump frequencies”, which it was almost impossible to stifle. Today, this technology is still used in Wi-Fi, mobile phones and Bluetooth technology.

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