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The secrecy and despotism: How David Lynch shot the new “twin Peaks”

At first glance, this Director (as well as musician, writer, artist, photographer, practitioner and promoter of yoga) seems to be a mild eccentric old man who smokes a lot, drinks coffee and loves to chat. Oh, and another striking an unfailing sense of style. It would make for fashion designer if sullen Lynch was not known across the planet. Despite the fact that the audience has not seen his new full-length work for ten years, this charming man (and he was already over 70, by the way) has a huge impact on the culture as a whole and on individuals with whom he associates and works.

Most this is like despotism. He does not force anyone — just telling you what to do, and obeyed him because they love. You can discuss it with him, but he’ll never reveal the whole picture. Lynch embraces every project with a veil of secrecy, and must be the most awaited and most mysterious of them is returning to “twin Peaks”.

Here are some rules to follow Lynch, developing a sequel:

1. Never tell the caste that the show really will be back on screens:
Most of the actors, and later started filming, didn’t have the slightest idea what “twin Peaks” will be resurrected. Until then, until I read the news and wrote Lynch. What was his response? “See you all very soon in the wonderful world of twin peaks”.
2. Keep castes in isolation from each other:
Lynch believes that people should be given only what they really need. “There is no need for everyone to read the entire script as a whole. Let them have only their scenes, and then during the joint work will ask questions and get answers”. In the script there were many worn pages to her, but he couldn’t read the scene the other characters. Robert Forster, a newcomer in the cast, describes this as the process of working on a painting. “You know that the artist adds your color on the canvas for some reason he understands. But the reason is not clear, as the red drop of paint don’t know why it appeared in the picture. But David Lynch does.”
3. Don’t send a script in digital format:
Edward Snowden would have approved: it was printed so many paper copies of the script, there was enough for everyone.
4. Keep castes in standby mode:
The stars of the show couldn’t even popularity that today will be removed, because they were notified of the set literally on the day of filming.

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5. To create a psychological connection:
At certain moments so Lynch worked closely with the actors that they had become the alter-ego of their characters and could understand the Director’s almost without words. “He said, for example: “Slower”. Or “Wind.” And you stood, while the wind added their own touches in the frame,” shared Kyle MacLachlan.
6. Focus on the quirks of the characters, not the plot:
Jim Belushi also talked about their impressions: “He [Lynch] said to me one day about my mysterious character: “Jim, here he is every morning does, coffee pours. He loves his coffee. Checks that there was so much cream, how much should be. Make sure that the porridge as much milk as it should be. Anything damp — with only a crisp”.
7. Be kept in ignorance even of the sponsors:
Frost, of course, helped with the return of the series. But the result is beyond his competence: “I haven’t even seen the material. David is working”.
8. To make everybody to admire you:
This level of secrecy requires a lot of trust, and Lynch somehow keeps the bar high dedication of its cast. Sherilyn Fenn admits: “He’s like hypnotizing you”. Belushi adds, “There’s nobody hotter than David. We implicitly obey him”. It is best to summarize the whole gamut of emotions had managed to Naomi watts: “You just fall in love with him.”

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The representatives of the channel Showtime jeered as they could during the promotion series, because the details didn’t they. And now soon we’ll finally know what hides the eccentric old man with soft luxurious hair. While drinking coffee – damn good and hot! – eat pies, watch atmospheric video from the photo shoot of the cast of “twin peaks”. There is something surreal in the fact that they are standing in wrinkles, looks the same as it was then, 25 years ago. Like their heroes all this time spent in suspended animation, as if twin Peaks is a place outside of time.

Well, I have good news for you. That gum you like is again in Vogue.

The third season will be released already on may 21, 2017.

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