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The second part of the “Horror” will have to wait three years…

The next installment, “chaos on the set of the sequel to “Horror movies””. Previously, the continuation of this successful horror-Comedy based on the novels by Robert Stein, managed to get two scripts (one of which no hero of Jack black, that is to say, the writer), to change the Director and the subtitle. And this despite the fact that after 9 months was to be held the premiere of the film!

Another thing, if it was a cheap project for a Netflix – like the “Open house”, which managed to completely capture, for the period from November to end of December. But then you also need famous actors to wait, and monsters to draw, and a promotional campaign to run. In General, very busy and time is short. And judged in the end, the Studio Sony Pictures, after which pushed the premiere of “Horror” – not for a couple of months and couple of years. Now the premiere is scheduled for October 12, 2021. This frees the project from competition with another film with Jack black, the “House with the clock on the wall.” Now stand up Comedy in theaters will be scheduled for the same date horror “Hellfest” and the biopic “First man” from the Director of “La La land”.

So we’re being patient, friends, and read books Schooling. One of them, by the way, now you can win in our contest of funny comments.

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