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The second generation of the smartphone BQ Mercury: a great example of evolution

The company BQ introduced in the fall of the Mercury smartphone with model number 6016L. She already has a smartphone under this name, but the number of his – 5520. We assume that there are two generations of the same model, and if so, the update was more than successful.

New BQ Mercury largely, if not all, better than his namesake – the screen is bigger, the sound is cleaner, the firmware is fresh, the filling is modern. In Russia, the smartphone came out in black and gold hues of the case, and at the time of the start of sales, the price is exactly 9500 rubles when ordering at the official online store BQ Shop.

On the test version in a black case – the selected color is not influenced neither the price nor the filling machine, since the equipment he has only one. Smartphone this sample the autumn of 2018, and it reflects many contemporary trends of design, including an elongated display. But monobrow BQ in the model is refused, and rightly so. Let’s go testing.



Packaging BQ Mercury 2018 all quite standard BQ. This year, she, of course, began to change the design of boxes of their smartphones, but not in this case – it still uses a traditional and familiar packaging that has a number of advantages.

The advantages of the package can be attributed primarily informative – bright renderings above and below, excellent printing and lists of characteristics and complete accessories. No unpacking and no web surfing you can learn about the smartphone at all, including its design.

No less important is the strength of the packaging. In this case, the used cardboard of different thicknesses, so that all very securely – damage during transportation and storage, as well as spontaneous switching on and off (assuming correct positioning) smartphone will not get any.



The accessories set supplied with the BQ Mercury standard for smartphones in the budget segment. Of course, 9500 rubles – a considerable sum, but it’s a weak ruble – at the current rate of smartphone is less than $150.

In the box with him was discovered the following components: battery charger, 1.5 amps, 2.0 microUSB cable for charging and PC synchronization, the clip to eject SIM card, warranty card and instruction manual. This set is limited to headphones and case not delivered. But the user manual is quite informative and is perfect for those who have never used the Android smartphones. That’s just almost in 2019, those are practically gone.

By the way, is a nice bonus – a protective film applied on the screen at the factory. It kills two birds with one stone: first, the display is protected right out of the box, and secondly, no need to suffer and stick the film itself. Convenient!



To study the specifications of the smartphone BQ Mercury recommend three sources – the box, manual and manufacturer’s website. The latter offers the most detailed list, but still there are presented not all information – for example, the name of the video card had to be read in AnTuTu. He, by the way, defines the screen size as 5.7 inches instead of the real 6.

screen: 6 inch IPS, 18:9, 1440х720 pixels;

– processor: MediaTek MT6739WA, 4 core, 1.3 GHz;

– video: built-in CPU, PowerVR GE8100;

– memory: 2 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM, microSD up to 128 GB;

– interfaces: microSD, 2xSIM, 3.5 mm, microUSB 2.0;

– wireless connectivity: GSM, 3G, LTE, Bluetooth 4, WI-FI 802.11 n, FM, GPS;

firmware: Android 8.1 Oreo, modified interface;

camera: basic 13 MP, front 8 MP (interpolation to 13 MP);

– battery 4000 mAh, without fast charging, the external battery;

– fingerprint scanner, face recognition;

– housing material: plastic;

– case color: black, gold;

– dimensions: 158х76х8 mm;

– weight: 157 grams.


The result was a classic budget smartphone of 2018, complemented by face detection and excellent battery. At the same time, the microUSB 2.0 is all screwy – or convenience when connecting the cable, no quick charging. But the screen is quite good for the price resolution.



If we put BQ Mercury along with other smartphones in 2018 at a price of 15 000 rubles, to distinguish it from them will not be easy. The only difference is the absence of monopoly, but otherwise everything is standard, no interesting design features.

The appearance of smartphone the usual, no frills, but at the same time it is concise, neat and pretty – all right there, and removed all unnecessary at the stage of development. Front BQ Mercury is only the screen, camera for selfies, an earpiece and a couple of sensors – button control virtual, since the display frame, including the bottom, the minimum thickness, and this is a relatively low price.

Also the standard rear – camera a La iPhone 7 Plus, a fingerprint scanner, the manufacturer’s logo, model name, and unfortunately, speaker – it, why it was put here although place him on the bottom. Also, the back has decorative inserts “under antennas”, bearing only the visual component – the case is all plastic, without metal elements.

Other elements of the case are the following: the power button and volume on the right, a tray for SIM-card on the left, headphone Jack on top and microUSB and the only microphone is on the bottom.



The phone has an elongated shape due to the 16:9 screen, but the 6-inch diagonal already indicates that child in the palm of your hand the smartphone will not fit. Optimally for him – large women’s or medium men’s hand. The ends and back of the case is matte, non-slip, there is a light surface roughness. Button switch with notches and pressed pretty tight, and the volume rocker, on the contrary, soft and imprint loose. Cuts on it.

The case is very good collects fingerprints around the perimeter even on the ends. The front panel due to the film cleared quickly, unlike the back – it would have to scrub with a damp cloth, so when buying BQ Mercury should immediately attend to the acquisition of case.

The main speaker is not in his place – he for some reason back when he’s supposed to be a bottom, so you will be constantly close to his hand. But there is a fairly large ledge that allows you to place your smartphone on the table face up without compromising quality and sound volume.

The tray for the SIM card BQ Mercury full: two SIM and microSD card can be installed at the same time. If there is only 16 GB of internal memory, of which one third is eaten off the system, this is the right decision!

Virtual buttons take up little space on the screen and have a transparent background, plus they can be completely removed from the working area and change their order. The screen itself is too big and heavy for one hand to control them will not work, but these are the realities of 2018, this applies to all smartphones without exception. Models with screens of 5 inches were in the distant past. But will fit a lot of information. However, there is a software control mode with one hand – decreasing the active area of the screen to the desired diagonal

Note also the correct location of the charging port – not the side, not from above but below it, as expected. Yeah, not the center, but it’s the little things.


Information protection and camera

In BQ Mercury for the protection of personal data provided by standard Android tools, as well as the fingerprint scanner and facial recognition Face ID is created on basis of front camera, no additional sensors, so that night, too many apps. But the day recognition is very fast, even if you turn the camera almost in profile.

Out of 10 attempts recognition in bright light 7 successful. The system doesn’t recognize you in a hat or with a scarf covering half the face, but it is the standard for low-cost smartphones.

Dactyloscopy is right – it is convenient to reach, it is easy to find with a finger, and he placed on a small cavity that allows you to accurately position your finger right on it. The sensor triggers without delay, and the screen lights up almost immediately. Out of 10 attempts recognition is successful, oddly enough, is also 7. Add the second scan of the same finger and raise this figure to 9.

The camera in the smartphone is the most common, both single, and both have their own flash. But if the frontalka brightness of the led enough for night selfie, the flash on “troechku”, darkish. The picture quality in both cases at 8 megapixels – enough to get more or less high-quality profile picture or a picture of a landscape or a document. Night scene at the level of all smartphones in the range of 10 000 – noise, but detail suffers not by much.



Display BQ Mercury has a decent supply of brightness, especially when used indoors under bright top light. 30% is enough. The sun, the situation is changing, although not by much – the display fades, but still readable, although to look at him still have. But otherwise-that it’s IPS and not AMOLED, similar to the behavior in the sun is quite typical for this matrix.

The viewing angles of the screen, chic – lit, no, there are no issues. Permission to display is not enough, I would like Full HD+ instead of the normal HD+, but individual pixels can be seen only from very close distance. In short, detailing the procedure is complete.

The sensor layer responds to five simultaneous touches all over the square. The sensitivity level of the touch practiced even in the corners, no problem.

Only, in our opinion, the lack of screen, it’s a bit of a “Shinichi” in the standard color calibration. However, it is treated in the two accounts directly from the standard menu without any problems.



BQ Mercury sounds loud, but you can not say that accurately. The volume of the main dynamics through the roof, but the lower frequencies do not, in principle, and sometimes with medium tension. The smartphone is not music – it’s a fact, but it is from him and not required. The main objective of the dynamics in this case – is to convey to you the fact received on the phone call or message, and with this he copes fine. And the music you can listen to with headphones, especially under a separate connector.

Vibration motor power is above average, felt very good. Microphone most common, with no distinct advantages or disadvantages. Earpiece good, 4 points of 5. The volume on a noisy street will be missed, but in the car or indoors, it is already in excess. The sound quality is great – the voice is heard without background noise.



The smartphone has a modern Android OS 8.1 – most of his competitors are working on 7.1 or even 6.1, it has long been obsolete. Firmware supplemented with a little advanced standard interface – visually it’s almost Google Material UI, but it screwed a few useful features. These include, in particular, improved camera interface, the mode control with one hand, smart gestures and the ability to create custom gestures to quickly launch certain apps.

Visually, the shell BQ Mercury looks neat, there is nothing superfluous. Running moderately smoothly, although friezes sometimes happen. The shortcomings of the firmware will include third-party software, including the app.Ru and UC browser. Extra soft, except for two applications of Yandex, deleted by standard means.

After the first boot, to remove excess and cleaning up of debris, the system consumes of 1.1 GB RAM and 5.5 GB of memory. In the remaining amount of RAM you can fit a couple of heavy applications or several smaller, which is very pleasing. Smartphone checked with antivirus Dr. Web latest version – malicious files are not detected.



BQ Mercury was tested in the famous benchmark AnTuTu, GeekBench and 3DMark gaming package IceStorm. To be honest, the results are not impressed: a smartphone 39399 earned points in AnTuTu, 3377 points in 3DMark and 587/1585 points in single-core and multicore GeekBench tests, respectively. Blame is not the most powerful processor from MediaTek with not the most advanced graphics card inside. Yes, the smartphone is clearly not for gaming, but navigation, which requires large resources, it is absolutely not slow. During the test, the smartphone is heated, but not critical.


Work offline

BQ Mercury is equipped with a battery capacity of 4000 mAh that its configuration is more than enough. Two full days smartphone easily lasted sure when you load, so for a day, if many play it or watch YouTube, it will definitely be enough.

From complete memory battery will charge on average for 2 hours. Fast charging not supported, but the trick with replacing the power supply 2-amp trigger: recharge time reduced by 20 minutes. Heating of the battery is not observed.


Pros BQ Mercury

– large, bright screen;

film on the screen;

– user-friendly interface OS;

– relevant firmware;

– good performance in the programs;

– great battery life;

– full tray for SIM-card.


Cons BQ Mercury

– microUSB 2.0 instead of USB-C;

– pre-installed adware;

– boring sound.

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