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The script of the new “Labyrinth” is ready

Director Federico Alvarez spoke about how things are going with the sequel to the cult fantasy “Labyrinth” 1986. The project, apparently, slowly moving forward.

The guys from Fandango asked Alvarez about the new “Labyrinth”, and here is what he said:

In fact, just yesterday I had lunch with Lisa Henson, and again we joined the project. We are very excited about this. In General terms, it is a direct sequel to the first film after many years, and I can’t tell you more… but we already have the script and we like it very much, so we’ll see what happens. As always, it takes time and effort to combine these movies, because they are larger than life. But this is one of the projects that I absolutely love.

For the script, as far as we know, he meets Alvarez in collaboration with Jay Basu. Details about the plot are still there.

Well, the original film by Jim Henson with Jennifer Connelly and the great David Bowie starring, narrated how

Beyond sleep and waking, full of amazing wonders of the magical land there lived the Goblin king jareth. Once he heard the girl Sarah in the hearts of said obnoxious younger brother Toby: “damn goblins took!” — and then caught her at her word, dragged along the baby in his castle! “What have I done” — Sarah gasped and ran for Jarrett after him, until the door in the tale is not closed. But to get to the castle the thief and to save his brother, she will have to go the enchanted Maze. It’s full of all sorts of monsters, tricky traps and puzzles. And the exit is guarded by an army of goblins! Meeting on the way the hosts of unseen creatures and solving strange mysteries, Sarah bravely delves into the mysterious world of the Labyrinth, step by step closer to the stronghold of king Jared…

New “Labyrinth” developed jointly by the companies TriStar Pictures and The Jim Henson Co., and Lisa Henson, daughter of Jim Henson, is one of the producers.

Well, while Fede Alvarez, best known for the horror flick “evil dead: Black book” and “don’t breathe” to present to the audience the Thriller “the Girl who got stuck in the web”, the Russian premiere of which will take place on November 8.

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