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The script for don’T BREATHE 2 ready

Federico Alvarez, Director of the film “evil dead: Black book” and “don’t breathe”, talked about how projects are sequels. As it turned out, neither one nor the other yet in the busy schedule of the Uruguayan.

That doesn’t mean we’re not going to do. And I could deal with them, perhaps not as a Director, but I could produce. It’s just my thoughts right now. I do declare. We have a script to “hold 2”. That’s the only difference. There is no script for “evil dead 2”, but we have a script for “hold 2”, which we wrote. As soon as I’m done with [“the Girl that got stuck in the web”], we start to think about how to move this story to the screen. I will be a Director or act as the producer. All in fact depends only on the time that we have. I am particularly interested in this because it’s another sequel, if we compare with the usual sequels. It’s a different approach, and I love it.

So, wait, when Alvarez would be free to decide what next. Recall, the Director also undertook to do a sequel to “Labyrinth” and the script for it is also already written.

Well, while ahead of the premiere of the Thriller “the Girl who got stuck in the web”, which will take place very soon — on November 8.

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