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The scientists told, when earthlings make contact with aliens

Ученые рассказали, когда земляне вступят в контакт с инопланетянамиScientists have named the date of the meeting earthlings with brothers in mind.

For centuries mankind has been looking for traces of extraterrestrial intelligence, but so far to no avail.

According to some scientists, this is due to the size of the universe: send us signals has not yet reached all potentially habitable worlds.

Discussion about the possibility of meeting with aliens took place at the annual meeting of the American astronomical society. Some scholars defend the thesis of the “uniqueness of Land”, referring to the negligible probabilities of the same set of circumstances that led to the emergence of life on our planet. But not all experts agree.

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“It is possible that we still have not received accurate information about extraterrestrial intelligence for the sole reason that space is huge,” said Evan Solomonides (Evan Solomonides) from Cornell University in Ithaca (USA). He is confident that the next brothers in mind located at a distance of not less than 1 500 light years.

Spent together with colleagues calculations, he set the time to “first release” man in space: the beginning of the XX century. The first television and radio signals, starting their journey through the universe, did not cover all potentially habitable worlds.

According to Solomonides, to the present time, they can reach 8531 3555 stars and earth-like planets. Based on the fact that the milky Way contains 200 billion stars, expect a response quite naive. However, after 1500 years, nearly half of the stars in the Galaxy can pick up the terrestrial signals, and then may be first contact with aliens.

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