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The scientists told, when burn maximum calories

Ученые рассказали, когда сжигается максимум калорий Even during sleep a person needs calories.

The scientists told, when burn maximum calories yesterday. The body consumes energy not only during the day, but even during sleep. Scientists from the Harvard school said that the calories burned depends on the time of day.

The body needs energy to recharge during the day. He spends digesting food, breathing, keeping the heart and other organs, including the brain. However, even in the period of sleep a person needs calories because many organs continue to function, including the brain.

Differ only in the rate of energy waste. Scientists from Harvard medical school led by Professor Jeanne Duffy conducted an experiment, which was attended by several groups of volunteers. One group lived according to schedule in 24 hours and became a reference. The other was placed in a room without Windows. Gradually, their rhythm changed, and they began to live on a schedule that corresponds to the 28-hour day.

It turned out that the peak of spending calories to have a 18 hour artificial day, though some peaks accounted for 15 or 21 hours. And the minimum power consumption was observed at the sixth hour of the artificial day. Some reduction in energy waste can occur in two hours of artificial night or artificial at eight o’clock in the morning.

All these differences, experts have blamed on the individual biorhythms. No wonder some people are “owls” and some are “larks”. In General, the maximum calories are burned not in the morning, as was considered earlier, and closer to bedtime.

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