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The scientists saw buildings on the moon

Ученые увидели здания на Луне The moon at all times excites the minds of mankind.

American ufologist known under the nickname streetcap1 said recently about the presence on the moon of a civilized infrastructure.

The crater Tycho, in his opinion, built up buildings. As evidence streetcap1опубликовал your photos and video of this segment of the lunar surface.

The moon at all times excites the minds of mankind. Many scientists agree that the Moon is hollow, nothing like the prototype of a huge spaceship. In this case, looks quite realistic version of it has been the colony of an advanced civilization with all the necessary infrastructure. Although such a hypothesis and does not have a precise scientific evidence, but ufologists have called their latest findings headache for NASA.

Research is nearest to the Earth space bodies only in the last century raised more questions than answers.

To this day disputed lunar expedition of the American astronauts in September 1969. For humanity remains a mystery opposite side of earth’s satellite, which has also not been investigated.

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