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The scientists saw a serious danger in 5G technology

Ученые увидели серьезную опасность в технологии 5G Can arise a conflict between the hardware.

Next year, scientists predict a real boom for new generation mobile Internet 5G. However, they believe that the launch of a new mobile standard can seriously affect weather forecasting.

What is a threat. New generation wireless connection may damage important satellite instruments, which are used to monitor changes in the atmosphere.

Can arise a conflict between the hardware, the resulting projections will be inaccurate. After all, the 5G network will transmit signals on the same frequencies as the information about the atmospheric phenomena.

“These data are critical to our ability to make predictions. This is a unique natural resource. And if we lose these opportunities, weather forecasts will be much worse… We will not be able to distinguish them. Therefore, the data get corrupted. And it will undermine our ability to make accurate forecasts,” – said the scientist Niels Bormann.

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