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The scientists said, why is it dark at night

Ученые рассказали, почему темно по ночамAnalysis of the images of the Hubble telescope allowed us to explain why on Earth the night you can see so few stars.

This is not a joke. According to the theory about the countless number of stars in the Universe, night sky should be illuminated almost like daylight. Only now scientists were able to figure out why it’s not.

If the universe is infinite, then the number of stars it must be incalculable. And therefore, they have to fill all the sky.

But it’s not. The night sky, though it is quite bright, especially in certain latitudes, usually dark. In other words, with the departure of the Sun the stars are not able to provide sufficient amount of light. They are too few.

Where does this infinite stars? Why the Earth is visible only part of it?

The first plausible theory about why this is happening, was launched two centuries ago. But it remained a theory.

Before they were finally found its confirmation through the analysis of images of the orbital telescope Hubble.

With the Universe all right, according to the researchers, the stars there really are enough. Their essential part just hide from humans clouds of hydrogen.

The Paradox Of Olbers

German astronomer Heinrich Olbers first proposed the wording of the problem of “dark sky”. It sounds as if in the Universe of countless stars, why the night gets dark, because every piece of visible sky should be filled with stars?

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Olbers himself suggested the answer to this riddle. In his opinion, to block the light of distant stars would sharing galaxy clouds of hydrogen.

Olbers died in 1840, his theory was two centuries pushed on a distant shelf. For a long time dominated the view that the Universe is “only” 100 to 200 billion galaxies.

It’s incredible for a human representation of the number. Nevertheless, it is not enough to illuminate the night sky.

Simply put, to explain the paradox of “dark sky” theory of Olbers was simply not needed.

However, in recent years the situation has changed. There are new images Hubble and other calculations, according to which the Universe no less than two trillion galaxies.

And, scientists began to think again about why most of the stars are not visible from the Ground.

Hydrogen clouds

It is necessary to take the hypothesis about increasing the number of galaxies in the Universe at least 10 times, as again we have to admit that the night sky on the Earth is to be filled with stars, says British astrophysicist Christopher Consoles of Nottinghamthe University.

Consoles together with colleagues analyzed images of distant galaxies made by Hubble. The result of the analysis was the conclusion that Olbers was right — the light of distant galaxies is absorbed by clouds of hydrogen that share the galaxy.

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The results of the study were published in the authoritative edition of the Astrophysical Journal.

“It was a long forgotten hypothesis of Olbers, which we confirmed, says Consoles. It allows to solve the problem of “dark sky”.

According to Conselice, the existence of hydrogen clouds astronomers was established previously by analysis of the nature of light.

“Before, we just didn’t know that these clouds were other galaxies,” – said the scientist.

Over the horizon

According to Conselice, the recognition of the existence of hydrogen clouds suggests that we still do not know much about the Universe.

In addition to galaxies, the existence of which we do not guess, there might be something else, involves a British scientist. For example, are so remote areas of the Universe that their light have just not had time to reach Earth.

“There may be multiple universes, there could be something like “horizon”, which represents the distance traveled by light since the origin of the Universe,” says Consales.

“Honestly, we don’t have a clue about what there may be,” concludes the scientist.

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