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The scientists said, who is the most threatening mental disorders

Ученые рассказали, кому больше всего грозят психические расстройстваA person’s character is influenced by many factors.

American scientists from the University of California in San Diego found that there is a direct link between the personality traits and mental illnesses faced by people.

As you know, a person’s character is influenced by many factors, among the major scholars in the social environment and genetic inheritance. Genetic information does not provide any guarantee that people will behave in a certain situation this way, as his ancestors.

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First of all, the individual compares the rationality and morality of his act in the context of public opinion. However, genetic information is also important in this aspect. For example, the presence of murderers or rapists in the family tree one is able to awaken these negative qualities.

If a person grew up in a normal social environment, the genetic suppression of awakened desires, fraught with mental disorders.

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