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The scientists said, which can lead to lack of sleep

Ученые сказали, к чему может привести недостаток снаLack of sleep can lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

Scientists from the school of medicine at Washington University in St. Louis said that lack of sleep can lead to development of Alzheimer’s disease, according to the website of the University.

As the researchers note, chronic lack of sleep in the brain dramatically increases the concentration of the protein beta-amyloid that leads to the development of dementia. According to scientists, after a sleepless night produces so much beta-amyloid, the body can’t process it. As a result, the brain changes can occur that lead to dementia.

In the study, researchers watched eight patients aged 30 to 60 years who suffered from chronic lack of sleep or cognitive problems. The participants were randomly divided between three conditions: in one they slept all night without waking, and the second did not sleep all night, and the third slept after administration of sodium oxybate, used to treat sleep disorders.

Observations in each situation lasted for 36 hours. The scientists took samples of the fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord every two hours in order to observe the change in the content of beta-amyloid.

In the result, it was found that the concentration of protein in those who were awake all night, on 25-30% exceeds the concentration in those who could sleep. It is noted that similar rates are observed in people prone to development of Alzheimer’s disease at a young age.

Earlier it was reported that scientists had found cases of infection with the disease Allgamer. The disease has been recorded in the body with hormones of human growth. Therefore, the investigation established that medical procedures can be a source of infection with the deadly disease, which until then was considered non-contagious.

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