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The scientists said, where on Earth did gold

Ученые рассказали, откуда на Земле появилось золотоRevealed the main secret.

Spanish researchers have shown that gold is born in the Earth’s mantle and then rises to the surface.

To such conclusion scientists from the Department of Mineralogy and Petrology, Granada University, who worked together with colleagues from Chile, Australia and France.

The Geosphere of the Earth is divided into three large parts: the crust, mantle and core. Minerals that people can take are contained in the bark. The mantle separates the core from the earth’s crust and goes to the depth of 17 km under oceans and 70 km under the continents. Apparently, it was in the mantle and formed gold.

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“The search for gold stimulated the migration of the expedition, and even war, but its origin is one of the main issues in the area of origin of minerals,” says one of the study’s authors, josé maría gonzález from the University of Granada.

The scientist said that people can not reach the earth’s mantle. However, the elements of the mantle reach the people. Xenoliths from the mantle reach the surface after earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.

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Xenoliths, which were studied by the experts was found in the array Desado in Argentine Patagonia is one of the largest gold provinces on the planet. A team of scientists found them as thin as chelovecheski hair, the gold particles.

“This is the first evidence of gold content in the Earth’s mantle under the array Desado. It turns out that the gold-bearing province, Patagonia has made rich gold gown, located at a depth of 70 km beneath the continent,” explained Jose Maria Gonzalez.

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