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The scientists said what will happen to Earth’s climate

Ученые рассказали, что будет с климатом Земли Mankind should be prepared in advance.

Various disasters that occur with some regularity, forcing scientists to think seriously about safety. As humanity survive in a world that is changing dramatically? The document expert Jonathan Gosling said that States should at least reduce the consequences from those risks, not to mention full protection.

A number of changes should be introduced in the infrastructure, agriculture and land management. We are talking about the construction of dams, writing new building codes and assistance to the population to insure their property and life. The United States plans to spend $ 20 billion on a dam that is supposed to protect new York from storm surges. Louisiana, in turn, will allocate 50 billion dollars to rescue the shoreline from flooding.

According to the UN, relatively poor countries will have to spend about $ 500 billion annually to ensure the safety of the population. In addition to the construction of various objects, you will need to provide the population with food and also to save pollinating insects.

Climate change 100% will lead to famine, destruction, disease, and wars for survival. If they don’t act soon, civilization will fall, there will come a stage of degradation.

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