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The scientists said, what absolutely can not do before you sleep

Ученые рассказали, чем категорически нельзя заниматься перед сномIt turns out there are some bad habits that interfere with a person fall asleep quickly and sleep well every night.

All people sleep in different ways. Someone enough five hours, and someone prefers to sleep all night and Wake up no earlier than 11 am. Night sleep is different for people because everyone has a different level of mental and physical stress during the day. In addition, the presence of children, husbands and wives, and other relatives also contributes in the quantity and quality of sleep.

Scientists from the USA conducted several studies to find out why the vast majority of people have problems with sleep and they cannot sleep even if slept for 7-8 hours instead.

These errors many people make every evening and sleep so bad, and in the morning I feel “broken”:

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1. Enabled gadgets. To sleep with the smartphone and every time you Wake up from the sounds they produced, it’s wrong. At night you can come SMS or spam mail, so your phone, tablet, laptop and other devices at night are put on silent mode.

2. Stale air in the bedroom. Before bedtime, few air the room in which to relax for more than 5 hours. But in vain, scientists believe that it is extremely important, because fresh cool air contributes to the rapid falling asleep and sound sleep.

3. Sleeping on dirty bed linen. In the tissue bed for a few days accumulate millions of bacteria that infect your body and negatively affect the quality of sleep in General.

4. Drinking alcohol before bedtime. Some people believe that alcohol helps them fall asleep faster, but in fact, regular consumption of alcohol poisons the human body, leads to serious alcohol dependence and contributes to the fact that the morning will be a headache or a feeling of wild fatigue.

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5. A hearty dinner. Instead of resting during sleep, your body will work and this leads to the fact that on the morning of the symptoms of fatigue and whole day you will sleepy, like a fly.

It is very important to create a comfortable environment for yourself before you go to bed. Dim the light and remove all distracting you, turn off the equipment. Before bedtime take a warm shower or hot relaxing bath, put on comfortable pajamas, and definitely socks, so you will sleep soundly until early morning, waking up, will feel an unprecedented burst of energy.

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