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The scientists said the harm excessive cleanliness

Ученые рассказали, в чем вред чрезмерной чистоплотностиThe researchers were able to detect a negative effect of purity on the human body.

Everyday we try to protect our children from various microorganisms, but as it turns out, in order to develop immunity, children need germs, and not antibiotics. Undoubtedly, it is important to wash hands. Especially this should be done during the season of colds and flu.

New scientific studies show that the destruction of microbes disinfectants for hands, antibacterial soap and subthreshold doses of antibiotics has a very negative effect on the immune system of the child. So says the microbiologist Marie-Claire Arrieta. A child is born sterile, without microbes, and their immune system is underdeveloped.

But as soon as the germs appear, they trigger the immune system to work properly. Without microbes, the immune system cannot effectively fight infections. And it’s not just the presence of microbes, and that they produce: molecules and substances that directly interact with cells of the intestinal mucosa, and immune cells that are on the other side of the mucosa. They can say, teach immune cells to recognize and destroy the enemies of health. Only when meeting these microbial substances in immune cells receive information, it’s time to perform its function.

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In addition, these substances from the intestine enter the bloodstream, where they activate immune cells of the blood. Today a lot of talk about why there is a growing incidence of allergies, obesity, inflammatory processes of the intestine and even autism. The “hygiene hypothesis” tries to explain this phenomenon, we can’t “blame” genes that do not change so quickly.

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Studies show that lack of microbial exposure at an early stage of life, it is necessary for the proper training of our immune system, may ultimately affect the development of these diseases. Data from epidemiological studies indicate that children of farmers who grow up in less hygienic environment and are less likely to develop asthma.

Conversely, enhanced hygiene and cleaning only gets in the mouth, this chance increases. The researchers say that to wash their hands of course, necessary, but this should be done when it prevents the spread of infectious diseases – before eating, after using the toilet, after riding public transport. At other times it is necessary it is not

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