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The scientists said the consequences of the drying up of underground oceans

Ученые рассказали, к чему приведет высыхание подземных океанов Predictions for the future scientists from the University of Texas sound pretty pessimistic.

According to them, the drying out of underground oceans will lead to the destruction of all life on Earth.

As it turned out, the last few years, the volume of water in the oceans regularly decrease due to global warming, which contributes to spills in the remote atmosphere, where it disappears completely. The danger of drying out the underground oceans is the crucial role that they play in the process of natural circulation of water.

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Experts from educational institutions in Florida, said that the disappearance of the underground water resources affects not only evaporation, but also scientific and technical progress together with other human activities.

The last 100 years threatens to dry up all the moisture, with the result that all living beings will die.

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