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The scientists said that you can do useful alcohol

Ученые рассказали, из чего можно делать полезный алкогольScientists from Singapore have created a drink from the whey that remains after making tofu (product of soya beans).

So, Professor Liu Chao Kwan and his postgraduate student Chua Chang Yeong created a new drink Sachi.

This drink was invented after a long fermentation process and highlights of yellow liquid, which was similar to the wine.

In the serum of tofu added sugar and yeast, so Sachi has a sweet taste, soft aroma and alcohol content of 8%.

While scientists point to another advantage of the drink – health benefits as whey, tofu is a source of calcium.

Liu Chao, Kwan argues that Sachi can make bones stronger, heart healthier, and will also protect against cancer.

The drink can be stored for 4 months, but scientists are working actively to increase the shelf life without preservatives.

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