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The scientists said that the similarities between “owls” and “Zhavoronki”

Ученые рассказали, что общего между «совами» и «жайворонками»Interesting facts.

Argentine neurologists from the National University of Quilmes have found that the “owls” and “larks” is similar in one thing: taking better decisions at the beginning of your day soon after waking up.

Full details of the work of scientists can be found in the journal Cognition.

In their paper, the researchers examined data game of chess servers. Researchers analyzed the moves of the participants in the million of games played. Based on the neurologists took the database of moves that made 99 experienced players. Scientists have analyzed the time at which players made the move, but also the reasonableness of the stroke, and then found the correlation of these parameters with the time of day.

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As expected, the owls played more games in the evening and at night and “larks” – in the first half of the day. It turned out that they did more moves leading to victory, in the beginning of his day (shortly after waking), no matter what time of day the players woke up.

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However, in the first half of the day, decisions were made more slowly, and towards evening the faster the game became more lively, but the participants were less successful.

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