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The scientists said that people will eat in 2050

Ученые рассказали, что человек будет есть в 2050 годуU.S. manufacturers rely on meat now.

“By mid-century on our planet will live 9 billion people. All of you can feed?” – asks the German edition of Stern.

According to Tilman Groene, Chairman of the scientific Council of the German Institute for nutrition research in the first place, we need new sources of protein. “Industrial farming is becoming more and more unbearable for the environment. It accounts for 14-18% of greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activity,” – emphasizes the author of the publication.

“The innovations in this area include a Burger made of artificial meat Beyond Burger: Patty made of pea protein with thanks to the beet red color of beef. It is sold already about 10 thousand grocery stores in the U.S. and at least as many restaurants. (…) Its main competitor is Burger, the Impossible Burger with a chop based on potatoes and wheat (pictured),” – reports the edition.

In the United States and the Netherlands, manufacturers are also focusing on real meat, for which, however, do not need to kill animals – the so-called meat from the tube. In addition, the United States appeared and the market for edible insects, but in contrast to Thailand and Mexico, where insects are used as a fried snack, here they are used as livestock feed or additive in food processing.

“Unlike large farms for growing pigs and cattle with their tanks for manure, insects produce relatively little waste. The crickets contain more protein and minerals than beef. The largest firm in the rearing of crickets is set in Texas. She successfully sells primarily powder from crickets that is used in the manufacture of baked goods, energy bars and smoothies”, says the article.

Man needs not only protein but also fat, continues the author. Scientists have subjected to genetic modification of the algae, obtained from the juice of conventional horse chestnut, so that they produce a large amount of oil when they are fed Brazilian sugar cane. “This oil has a neutral taste, rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and has a high temperature dymlenija. It should be an alternative to palm oil for the production of which is necessary to destroy the palm forest, along with their inhabitants”, – the newspaper notes.

In the United States from a wild Wheatgrass brought a new cereal called kersa with higher yields, larger seeds and increased resistance to diseases, according to Stern.

“After 50 years, our food may look very different,” concludes the author of the publication and leads to the conclusion the words of the writer and expert on world food Raj Patel: “Gradually we realize that what was considered a weed and a pest, could be food.”

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