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The scientists said that he would remain on Earth in a hundred years

Ученые рассказали, что останется на Земле через сто летNASA conducted a theoretical modeling of various climate processes and showed the public how it will look our planet in 100 years.

According to experts, the century is enough for the Land was significantly changed, and the conditions for the lives of our descendants has changed for the worse.

As scientists say, global warming will cause the glaciers will melt more rapidly, causing the global sea level will rise and eventually will begin to absorb the vast territory. In addition, global warming will increase the number of natural disasters. Tornadoes, earthquakes, powerful storms and forest fires will become more common. Some regions will experience a permanent drought, with the result that they will become uninhabitable and will create an army of refugees that will move to places with more favorable conditions for life.

Increasing the level of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere will destroy a significant portion of coral reefs, as a result will seriously change ocean ecosystems. In addition, will disappear, many species of animals and plants on land.

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However, experts believe that the situation can be changed. Perhaps scientists will create new technologies that will reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, making global warming will recede.

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