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The scientists said, is there really a soul

Ученые рассказали, существует ли на самом деле душаScientists have found proof of the existence of the soul.

A group of scientists conducted a unique study, which has been able to find evidence that the soul of man still exists.

Experts have found that the soul is in the human body even when the brain has ceased to function.

Professor Sam parnia from the California Institute of technology claims that scientists have carefully studied people who, because experienced the disaster were in a state of deep coma. After the people came to themselves, they claimed that all remember, and even heard voices. Patients described the doctors exactly what they felt when the brain activity is not fully functioned.

It is reported that scientists have studied only those patients whose oxygen level in the body was normal, this is important because the brain is deprived of oxygen, unable to remember the events. Patients talked about the state of peace, tranquility, and also the fact that they saw their dead relatives.

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