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The scientists said, how useful a blood transfusion

Ученые рассказали, чем полезно переливание кровиSo, this procedure can help the brain to work longer and stay healthy.

Transfusion of “young” blood can slow aging and, in particular, to improve the performance of the brain. To such conclusion experts from the University of California at San Francisco who conducted a series of experiments on animals.

Scientists did “injection” young adult and old mice “old” — young, and then analyzed how such affects their memory and learning ability. As it turned out, “young” blood brain aging slowed down and “old” on the contrary, accelerated. Meanwhile, the scientists found that an important role was played by the TET2 gene and produced the protein, affecting cell renewal in the brain. With age, the activity of this gene is reduced, however, the use of young blood able to influence this process.

The scientific work of specialists was published in the scientific journal Cell Reports.

Previously, some scientists had already received evidence that young blood slow down aging. For example, last year a group of American researchers from the University of California at Berkeley, United blood systems of two rodents of different ages, with the result that they partially “shared” blood. The experiment was conducted in such a way that the number of transfused blood is easier to calculate, and the influence of external factors was minimized.

Already one day after the start of the experiment, biologists have observed first results in aged mice slightly increased the rate of cell renewal in the muscles, and there were some other positive developments, indirectly indicating a temporary slowing of aging. The muscles of young mice began to age more rapidly, and the scent and memory deteriorated. Experts have suggested that these results speak not so much about the benefits of young blood, but about the “dangers” of blood old.

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