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The scientists said, from what bones was made the first tools

Ученые рассказали, из каких костей были сделаны первые орудия трудаAncient bone tools were made by people of the Paleolithic.

It is noted that the basis of the bones and horns of animals is collagen and its amino acid composition in different species is slightly different. ZooMS out and allows it to correlate with the base of such “collagen fingerprint” to determine the species affiliation of the sample.

In the course of the study, the researchers used a Paleolithic bone tools discovered earlier at the nine sites of South Africa (in the provinces of Gauteng and Limpopo) and identified mainly as the sharp tips of ancient tools.

They have found that only some of the animals who lived and mined was also used to obtain bone material. For example, wild boar were the source of meat, but guns out of their bones not detected. Conversely, the number of animals was extracted, probably for the sake of their bones and horns, but not as food.

Researchers have identified among the bone tools zebras, rhinos, black (Hippotragus niger) and roan (H. equinus) antelope. Apparently, these animals had a special symbolic meaning. The authors reported that among the modern Bushmen tribes these antelopes are considered as sources of mystical powers, and rhinos were the subject of a cult in ancient times, as evidenced by cave paintings.

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