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The scientists explained why donors live longer

Ученые объяснили, почему доноры живут дольшеScientists from Denmark and Sweden have proved that the donation affects the life expectancy.

Scientists from Denmark and Sweden decided to conduct the most ambitious experiment, which was based on the theory of health deterioration after frequent blood donation.

The results refuted the experts: giving blood affects the longitude of life, and people live longer. This assumption of insecurity, the permanent donation has long been present in medical circles.

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The reason for this is the fact that a person who is constantly losing blood, iron deficiency is present. And the consequences of this lack become more pronounced immediately, but after some time. Scientists from Denmark and Sweden conducted the largest study among the millions of donors, and made conclusions based on the information received.

They proved that the permanent donor lives longer, and the reason for this – update blood rejuvenates the body. Also accompanying confirmation is a condition of permanent blood donation – health. But so far these studies have not been confirmed by official medicine, it was not a comparative analysis of people who donate blood and those who have never done anything like this.

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