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The scientist explained why it is necessary to study cosmic dust

Ученый объяснил, зачем нужно изучать космическую пыльScientist Dmitry vibe told about why researchers study cosmic dust.

Specialist head of the Department of physics and evolution of stars of Institute of astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The scientist told about the purposes of studying space Pylev some European cities, the scientists were able to collect about 300 kilos of dust samples, which identified 500 particles of cosmic origin.

First of all, the exploration of outer impurities is important, for safety reasons. Such dust in extraterrestrial space is moving with considerable speed, so as to compromise the integrity, and even completely destroy the spacecraft.

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This is the result of the impact kinetic energy. Studying impurities, the experts understand how to avoid such accidents.

The second reason for studying dust is the presence in it of priority information relating to the formation of the Solar system. Pictures on request space Pistacia you can learn about the evolution of the interplanetary medium and the Earth’s past.

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The researcher emphasized that it found the difference between the dust found in Antarctica and one that found in European cities.

The particles found in Antarctica are hundreds of thousands of years, and dust, found in Europe, formed not earlier than six years ago.

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