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The scientist explained why it is important to believe in ghosts

Учёный рассказал, зачем важно верить в призраков Residents of Asian countries almost every day “see” ghosts.

Celtic on the eve of all saints Day, Halloween, scholar Tok Thompson shared her observations about the role of ghosts – real and imagined – in the lives of entire societies. Expert long studied the subject of the appearance of spirits, ghosts, and other reminders of the dead and noticed one common item.

Witnesses always report the appearance of a Ghost in the moments when the most guilty before the dead, themselves or other people. This similarity has no boundaries, as in every cult there are different interpretations of “ghosts”, and people are also different in the way they believe.

For example, residents of Asian countries almost every day “see” ghosts, as they are in the ideas of Buddhism. And to the people of the United States “come to” the spirits of dead African-American slaves and victims of the terrorist attacks. But despite the apparent antiquity of the belief in ghosts, it is important for the prosperity of society. Often the spirits of the dead come to take revenge on someone for what he did a crime or when the living can’t find a solution to their problems. The spirits themselves, of course, will not come, says Tok Thompson.

About ghosts people remember when committing the act contrary to them, or General, moral and ethical foundations. Engaging in self-flagellation “in front of” dear dead people, guilty of living improve, try not to “sin” and teach this next generation so as not to offend the spirit of a loved one, says Thompson.

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