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The scientist believes that performers of the metal songs are just “big kids”

There had to be a meme about “British scientists”. Well, seriously speaking, do, specialist speech therapist said that these styles of performance as the screaming or growling vocals, the physiological basis of their identical screams and screeching kids.

Krzyzstof Izdebsky (Krzysztof Izdebdski – heh, that name the profession of the speech therapist – that is necessary) heads the non-profit Foundation Pacific Voice & Speech Foundation. His area of professional interests – injuries of the larynx and vocal cords (e.g., in athletes), problems with diction. Being a specialist in this field, GRC.. Kitt… Izdebsky always wondered, how is it that performers of the metal do not have problems with voice, spend hours making absolutely horrible noises and badly straining the organs associated with speech and singing.

According to his research, it’s all about technique, which is essentially a hundred percent the same as like little children shout and squeal, arranging, say, a tantrum in kindergarten. In this case the vocal cords to avoid damage. To prove it, the scientist had to literally climb in the mouths of singers, or rather to put inside of the larynx singer special video camera recorded what happens when the singer growled or skribit.

I guess you have every right to say friend of metalogue that he’s just a big baby. And, perhaps, even get a kick 🙂

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