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The schedule of the largest sales in Steam

Расписание крупнейших распродаж в SteamKotaku confirmed date from three different sources.

Delay money, because soon your failing library of games will be even more! Valve told the developers of the upcoming sales on Steam, and good developers were quick to share insider information with the public.

Kotaku confirmed date from three different sources. So the data is correct with a probability of 95%.

● Sale in honor of Halloween — from October 26 to November 1;
● Autumn sale (aka Black Friday) — from 22 to 28 November;
● Winter sale (aka Christmas or new year) is December 21, 2017 January 4, 2018.

The Steam store is updated at 20:00. Most likely, it will start the appropriate sales. It is expected that in the first few hours the store part of the Steam will fall under the influx of buyers.

But you would hardly miss something profitable: Valve has long been not the practice of time — limited offers- discounts on products apply to all time sales.

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