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The scene that has made you doubt the ruthlessness of Michael Myers

Director David Gordon green told fans who were confused by one unusual moment in the new “Halloween”.

Further, as you can guess, there will be spoilers.

So, talking about the scene in which Michael Myers, armed with a hammer, penetrates into someone’s house and without hesitation kills the host. Then we hear a baby crying. The villain takes a kitchen knife, goes to bed and… pass by. What was it? In Myers woke up sorry?

Green gave an interview to the Los Angeles Times, which in particular told about how there was this scene:

While working on the script for our rule was: don’t bring anything myself… But during the filming we added one thing that may backfire and I will chase, but for now I’ll stand my ground. We added a moral decision that he did not kill the child. It happened during the filming.
We were looking for an interesting 15-second piece into a long stage. There was 15 seconds, without stress, without new information. The question was: “How we gonna get to the intrigue in 15 seconds?”, and then the production designer and the cinematographer has offered to put a cot in the living room, and then the child can put there. It was one of those things that were interesting in themselves, and it fixed the problem, it has filled the gap.
And now we see the character, which I declare to evil, do not have any motivation, emotion, no real incentives, in addition to predatory. And we gave him this one decision that he is doing the right thing. So I’m not quite sure how to explain it or justify it, but I think it is curious to think about someone who is nothing more than a cold-blooded faceless devoid of the motivation of the killer. But he made one decision, and we’re glad he did.

From myself I will say that this scene I really liked, but I didn’t give it much importance at first. However, there were those who felt that this moment destroys the entire logic of events. They say that Myers is just a killing machine, and he’s not capable of pity for anyone. But why is it a pity? Later Dr. Sartain performed Haluka of Bilginer say that he wants to understand the logic of their terrible patient, to understand how he chooses his victims. In the end none of the audience doesn’t mind that a murderer is walking the streets and cuts of each are met. And here even such a scholar with extensive experience in psychiatry as Certain not understand what is happening in the mind of Michael Myers, and someone wants to explain this guy in a nutshell? As for me, the time with the baby just shows how much we don’t know about this villain.

And perhaps that’s good, because unfathomable evil scares where the strongest understandable and familiar.

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