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The scandal with the teacher of the Transcarpathian region: new details

Скандал с учительницей из Закарпатья: новые подробностиThe young teacher drew on the forehead of the child a bad mark

The school said the teacher of mathematics, 25-year-old Victoria Penckofer in good standing and claims it never happened. After the statement of parents of the victim girls at the school conducted an internal investigation and the teacher was reprimanded. But the child’s parents remained dissatisfied with this decision and appealed to the police. The teacher in the explanation tried to reduce everything to a joke and said she nothing against the child had not. In addition, Victoria Penckofer admitted that he does this not for the first time and children in similar situations perceive such things as a playful game. “I’ve had. It’s all a game. Was the situation when the boys forgot the diary and I put them on my forehead,” – said the teacher. Now with female lawyers who are prepared to defend it in court.

We will remind, in the Transcarpathian school there was a glaring incident. The mathematics teacher publicly humiliated the student of the fifth class, because she forgot the lesson diary. A teacher for all the children drew on his forehead with a red pen girl a rating of “3”. The teacher herself makes everything a joke. She says she didn’t mean to. She also said that it was not the first time, and until then the children took it as a joke. However, the girl’s parents Anabella another opinion and think that teacher needs to be fired. “I was bad and disappointing,” said Anabella. The girls ‘ family, people with disabilities, but nevertheless, they say that such a humiliation has not yet experienced.

It is very sad that over their child so mocked. By the way, the best Ukrainian teacher of 2017 after the scandal explained why he left the country.

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