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The scandal with the expulsion from the airwaves of the blogger continued

Скандал с изгнанием с телеэфира блогера получил продолжениеThe scandal is gaining momentum.

A well-known blogger and journalist Yuri Romanenko recalled the statements in 2014, the presenter of the program “plain text” Ostap Drozdov, who forced him off the air for refusing to speak the Ukrainian language.

This is stated on page Romanenko in Facebook.

“First, I congratulate all those who yesterday and today, hysterically screaming, some thrushes patriot and how good he got schooled Russian Romanenko, now enjoy both the Ukrainian Drozdov has schooled you in 2014. Let me remind you that has not died down Ilovaysk, was ahead of the midst of the battle for the WCT and Debaltsevo, Ukrainian army comes in the Donbass and then….. This master class from the “patriot Drozdov”, how you can manipulate” – wrote the journalist.

Romanenko dropped the link to the blog Drozdov, which at the end of April 2014 wrote that the mobilization is genocide, and offered to all who are opposed to mobilize, to unite.

“Founding antimobilizatsionnaya movement, we need the whole country to say that war can only volunteers and only professional security forces. Point. The civilian population a priori can not be mobilized – as in the Donbas continues, “operation”, not war. Second, while the sons of the officials are not seen in the area of ATO – until then we have to forget about the mobilization of all the others. Third, civilians may not fight in the Donbass, where the local population has a passive support “to terrorists,” wrote Drozdov.

At the same time, writer Andrew Bulgars in his blog on the “Explorer” recalled the ties the lead with the godfather of Russian President Vladimir Putin – Victor Medvedchuk.

“Welcome, Ostap, you idiot. Of course, English speaking Romanenko you disgusting Ukrainian Medvedchuk. You think everyone has forgotten how the media of nowhere you were pulled Medvedchuk, gave him and his fucking “the Ukrainian choice” its program as a campaign platform?” – I wrote to the Bulgars.

Also in his post on Facebook Romanenko emphasized that disappointed customers provocations on the Ukrainian language that did not respond to this case until it started getting media.

Скандал с изгнанием с телеэфира блогера получил продолжение

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